Arlington House: Telling a Wider Story at a Historic Site

Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial is a place of study and contemplation of some of the most difficult aspects of American history, including military service; sacrifice; citizenship; duty; loyalty; slavery, and freedom. New interpretative...

St Paul African American Context: A Case Study

The relationship between a people and their history is the same as the relationship between a child and its mother…history not only tells a people where they are and what they are—history also informs us what we still must be and what we still must do.

Flying Cloud: A Case Study

Explore our recent project on Flying Cloud Drive, in which respectful engagement with consulting tribes, archaeology, and traditional knowledge came together to protect and grow the Dakota narrative in Minnesota.

Inspired Listening

Inspired Listening is a show dedicated to telling the stories of anyone who is affiliated with the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University.

Minnesota United soccer fanatics ready for major league step

In this installment of MPR News' Young Reporters Series, Michael Swearingen reports on Minnesota's growing number of soccer fans as Minnesota’s soccer team, the loons, look forward to a new stadium and new league.

ROTC drives success with training

As spring competitions approach, ROTC cadets intensify training off campus... But not without having a bit of fun along the way.

Inside Quad 136: Behind the Scenes

A university president is the face of an instution. Beyond that, many daily happenings of university presidents go unnoticed by general campus populations. The recond explores a day in the life of Saint John's University's own President Michael Hemesath.