Michael Swearingen

I am a creative looking for content marketing, direct marketing, and creative writing work. Over the years, I have gained diverse experience in newspaper and radio journalism, podcasting, content marketing, and message design. In addition, I’ve gained considerable knowledge in the areas of graphics design, photography, and brand identity. Curiosity drives me to always learn more in new areas and to further my expertise in the areas I’ve already found great joy.

Each time I was able to lend my skills to a new employer or in a new position, I added to my own tapestry of experience and met the needs of those who employed me. Concurrently, I learned from mentors and colleagues the importance of effective team communication and awareness of team member needs.

In the beginning of my career I was offered the opportunity to work at The Record where I learned the art of the interview and advanced my skill as a writer. From there, my work with Men’s Development Institute and Johnnie Bennie Media helped me grow my technical knowledge of sound and video production as well as event programming and community relations. These experiences led me to an opportunity at Minnesota Public Radio where I trained to be a journalist under Gary Eichten. And most recently, I had the opportunity to build marketing infrastructure around the stories of 106 Group and their brand.

With a robust career of strong leadership and creative problem solving to back me, I am excited for new opportunities to bring innovation and determined creativity to a new client in need of clear vision.